March 10
Sing The Positions, Steckborn (CH)
April 14
Sing the Positions, Losone (CH)
April 18-21
Cassandra Has Turned 2, Sophiensaele Berlin (DE)
May 4-5
One One One, fête de la Danse, Sierre and Brigg (CH)
May 10
Sing the positions, Hellerau, Dresden (DE)
May 12
One One One, Livorno (IT)
June 22
Sing the Positions, Luzern (CH)
June 23-24
Sing the Positions, Genf (CH)
July 1-3
Sing the Positions, Athens Festival (GR)
July 10-15
Sing the Positions, festival de la cité, Lausanne (CH)
April 25-27
Profitraining Leipzig (DE)

Unheard Of -Wiederaufnahme

DEPLHI KINO, Berlin, November 30th & December 1st, 20:00
show Uferphoto: Peter Erdmann
trailer here
facebook event

Sing the positions // Autumn 2017

webphoto_gregory_batardon_D1A3187photo : Gregory Batardon
ZURICH (Ch) October 6th-8th
OLINDA (Br) October 29th
RECIFE (Br) November 1st
RIO (Br) November 3rd
GENEVA (Ch) November 15th-19th
Excerpts and Interviews :


L’un à queue fouetteuse

Création 2017, Perrine Valli
GENEVA :: April 26th – May 6th
BRUXELLES :: November 17th – 18th
plus d’information
L'UN A QUEUE FOUETTEUSE - une pièce chorégraphique de Perrine Valli. Avec Arnaud Bacharach, Fabio Bergamaschi, Marthe Krummenacher, Manon Parent, Corina Pia, Evita Pitara, Rémi Richaud, Rudi van der Merwe. ADC, Genève, le 04 mai 2017. ©Dorothée Thébert Filliger ©Dorothée Thébert Filliger

Prazer Lazer

Collaboration with Fernando Favier (Gymkhana) and Arnaud Bacharach.
Performed at the DAF festival on April 8th.
Teaser here


January 19th, 19.00 @ Litehaus Galerie, Mareschstrasse 4, Neukölln, Berlin
Minute/Year (2016) is an exhibition of outcomes from the first year of Minute/Year, a multi-year sound installation, by Kata Kovacs and Tom O’Doherty.
facebook event
January 29th, 20.00 @ Ausland, Lychener Str. 60, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin
February 4th, 20.00 @ Alte Kupferschmiede, Tiefenweg 9, Giessen
March 19th, 18.00 @ Raumstation, Zürich
with Jassem Hindi !
March 22nd, 21.00 @ L’écurie, Genève
with Nelson Landwerh !
March 25th, 21.00 @ Wunderkammer, Zürich
with DJ Ulla !

The Ready Orchestra : It’s about time

Performing on Friday, September 2nd at Ausland with the Ready Orchestras !
More info here


Red Monky is co-organizing and featuring there soon…
witch rave
Soli-Party for Queeries into Collective Feminisms
Cross the bridge to the island of art witchz.
Interact with live performance.
Receive queer beauty.
Rave with us til dawn.
Performances by:
Sadie Lune, Olympia Bukkakis, Louise Trueheart, RED MONKY, Lady Gaby, Zafire Vrba, Aubrey Hike, Frances Breden, Ser Gina and her envious little Peanut, Holly Chernobyl (Chicago, USA), Kale Roberts (Florida, USA), Zeph Fish (Oakland CA, USA)
DJ’s Bella Cuts, Moldy Horse, Chlorine, Ohne Scheiß, Elke Echo
VJ’s Fossils and Minerals, Unisex
All Night Magical Films on Loop by Liz Rosenfeld, Eduardo Restrepo, jeepneys & Siobhan Aluvalot, Charli Brissey, Lauren Fournier, Zachary Hutchinson and Caleb Yono, Nomy Lamm, Zavé Martohardjono, Macon Reed, Carrie Gates, Sky Dietrich, Nash Glynn, Zinzi Buchanan, Zuzu Knew, Maj Rafferty, Rui Hu
Free Fortune Telling, Astral Charts by Kostas & Palm Readings by Coral, Tarot by Harvey Rabbit, Haircuts on donation by BUTCH CUT
Come before sunset to rent a boat on this magical isle…

La Danse du Tutuguri

Manon will be on August 16th and 17th,2016 interpreter for Perrine Valli’s new piece “La danse du Tutuguri”, inspired by Antonin Artaud’s works.
Shown in the frame of the Far° Festival in Nyon, Switzerland.
La danse du tutuguri
Find out more here

UNHEARD OF – World Première – June 9-12th

UNHEARD OF – Uferstudios Wedding – Studio 14 – 9-12 June 2016 – 20.30
“Don’t believe everything you hear.”
The performance “Unheard Of” investigates the body’s potential to point beyond itself: towards an uncanny realm between the aural and the visual. Exploring the craft of “foley” as a choreographic tool and performative practice, “Unheard Of“ dives into the world of cinematic post-production, where the sounds of movement, steps, clothing, and props are created in the sound studio and synchronized to the moving image. The manipulation of objects and bodies in the style of the functional movement propagated within postmodern dance produces the illusory and ominous soundscapes of the film fragments shown on stage. By bringing foley from the sound studio to the stage, the project is dedicated to making an invisible art form visible.
Concept, choreography: Kareth Schaffer | Performance, dramaturgy: Boglárka Börcsök | Performance, sound engineering: Niels Bovri | Performance, music: Manon Parent | Performance, light design: Cathy Walsh | Costume design: Lee Meir | Technical direction, light design: Michele Piazzi | PR: björn & björn | Production management: Cilgia Gadola / M.i.C.A. | Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds in cooperation with Tanzfabrik Berlin.
Tickets here

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